Art of Teaching: HEART AND VOICE, Nov 23-24

Workshop at ATHAYOGA, Zürich

Saturday 10h30 – 13h00 & 14h30 – 17h00
Sunday 10h30 – 13h00

Karl Straub has decades of experience in theater, public speaking, and teaching to bring you this professional voice training for business people, yoga teachers, actors, and anyone who works (or plays) with their voice.

Learn to speak with greater clarity and authenticity. Present your message with more impact, less effort. Explore professional techniques and theory plus live speaking practice, vocal training in small groups, review, feedback, coaching, and refinement. You will come away with tools and insights that you can apply in daily life and work.

Empower your voice with intelligent timing, music, silence, and emotion. Gain experience to speak with confidence and clarity. Discover your personal style, and share what is meaningful to you, the heart of your message. Bring your message alive with personal stories from your own life. Learn complementary sound techniques with harmonium, singing bowl, simple chants. Learn how to guide groups in visualization and meditation. Karl will also give a demonstration of an advanced vocal technique called overtone chant. Join us and expand the reach of your heart and voice.


– gain confidence and clarity in your voice
– reach students with your personal style
– empower and project your voice
– refine and clarify your speech
– find your voice with simple chants

– play a few simple chords on the harmonium
– play singing bowl in two different ways
– overcome vocal presentation inhibitions
– invoke the power of silence in groups
– master the theater/classroom/auditorium

Gartenstrasse 14
8002 Zürich