Linz, Austria. Yoga Conference, Feb 16-17.

Feb 16-17
Linz, Austria
Yoga Conference Austria

Linz an der Donau, Austria.

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2 workshops!

Pranayama : Dance of Life My teacher Swami Bua used to say, “Do not struggle! Yoga is a gentle art.” Express your natural power effortlessly. Pranayama provides the insight. Join the flowing river, the dance of life energy. Experience the benefits of physical wellness and mental clarity. We begin with gentle warm up, then in the context of restorative poses we explore several forms of pranayama. We continue with guided meditation and deep relaxation, then Karl completes the session with colorful stories of his teachers and a demonstration of overtone chant which reveals the essence of pranayama.

Tibet to Austria : Yoga of Earth and Sky Discover the mystic connection shared by yogis in the Himalayas as well as right here in Austria. Integrate the natural wonders of mountain, sky, river, trees, with our body, breath, and consciousness. Discover insights that span continents and centuries. Karl shares insights and techniques from his studies with teachers from Tibet and India as we journey together toward Self-discovery through playful vinyasa, guided meditation, pranayama, mantra, yantra, and a little bit of philosophy. We tap ancient sources and inspire for each other a fresh experience of the living tradition of yoga. A playful joyful ride!