Malmö Sweden: Jivamukti Yoga March 15-16

Fri evening: Jivamukti Yoga Master Class
Yes, you will sweat. It can be intense, but you will also feel uplifted and empowered! Full-body dynamic flow (vinyasa) set to great music, with some assists, detailed instructions, visualization, and guided deep relaxation. Experience a deep inward journey of sensitivity and strength, balance and breath, power and stillness. Feel integrated, connected, and full of life. Some experience is presumed (not for absolute beginners).

Saturday workshop, 2 sessions: Asana to Awesome 
morning: energized with asana and bandhas
afternoon: restorative with philosophy, pranayama and stories

A fresh take on what yoga is all about. More than alignment, more than strength, more than flexibility. Experience the symbiosis of yoga and life. Yes, we look at alignment, but with fresh context, sensitivity, and unique guiding imagery to help us find our own personal organic expression of each pose, not just a static replication from a photo. Similarly, we take a fresh look at pranayama, bandhas, and a bit of philosophy.  A great workshop for practitioners and teachers to gain new insights and ideas. Karl helps us connect the dots with stories from his travels, a few surprises and laughs along the way. Bring your questions, and get ready to tap his many years of teaching experience around the world. We will have some asana practice, guided visualization, pranayama, bandhas, restorative poses, and deep relaxation. Fresh perspectives and lots of fun in this uplifting community. All levels. See you there!