Karl Straub Yoga
practice for life.

SANCTUARY, Zollikerstrasse 74, Zürich
by Botanischer Garten (Seefeld)
Mon 12:00 w Ariane Gantenbein
Mon 18:45 Jivamukti Yoga
Wed 18:45 Jivamukti Yoga
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Stadelhofen: tram 8/11 or S18 to Kreuzplatz, 6 min walk on Zollikerstrasse, studio on right.
Tram 2/4 to Höschgasse, 5 min walk up Höschgasse, left on Zollikerstrasse studio on left.
Bus 33 to Botanischer Garten stop. 30 seconds walk to the studio.
Driving: easy parking on Zollikerstrasse (across Höschgasse) 30 spaces on the street, plus 100 spaces in park-garage Botanischer Garten, 2 minute walk to studio.
SEESCHAU, Seestrasse 106, Erlenbach
Call or stop by to book.
Tue 9am Yoga / 7:30pm Zen
Thu 9am Yoga / 7pm Yoga

S6/S16 Erlenbach station, 10-12 min walk.
Driving: free parking across the street at the Lexus/Toyota dealership, or metered parking at the church 250 meters toward city.
Your home practice, streaming classes, 24/7, at your convenience!
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