Karl Straub Yoga
Yoga retreats, classes & events in Switzerland and around the world. Come join us!
Yoga retreats, classes & events in Switzerland and around the world. Come join us!


Of all of our beloved & amazing presenters at the 7th annual Telluride Yoga Festival, the attendees` choice for Best Instructor went to Karl Straub. We are blessed to share Karl`s magnetic and positive energy, caring soul, wisdom and strength with so many people.

–Telluride Yoga Festival

I have been attending Karl’s classes for the past three months, and I love it! I feel my body and mind getting stronger week after week. Karl is an extremely attentive teacher, and it is a true joy to participate!

–student, Zürich, Switzerland

You teach with lots of humor and at the same time you go very deep. You have a special way of keeping the mood light and yet you don’t hesitate to give very strict and precise directions and corrections when needed. This is not so common to find in a teacher. I really enjoy your teaching.

–yoga teacher, Zutphen, The Netherlands.

I wanted to express how much I LOVE your classes. Your instruction on getting into poses is so helpful. Your classes flow so beautifully and I can literally feel the stress releasing from my body with each breath. I have never experienced such a powerful workout! Thank you so much for being such an incredible teacher!

–yoga student, Zürich, Switzerland

Working with Karl is a beautiful experience. His compassion, kindness and unwavering presence led me to a wonderful unfolding of inner freedom and joy. Karl provides a safe and sacred space to let go and free yourself of physical and energetic limitations. I am delighted to say that he is wonderfully skilled and deeply intuitive.

–Massage Therapist, Stamford, CT

What a great ambassador for yoga in the world!

–Psychologist, Florida.

Pure bliss! That’s the only way I can describe my experience with Karl. My body and spirit felt incredibly aligned.

–Professional Dancer, Providence, Rhode Island

Karl was an instructor for a Teacher Training, which was held at our studio, Moveo, in Berlin, and we recommend Karl’s skill, knowledge, his dedicated intensity, and his warm manner.

–Tom and Beate, co-owners, Studio Moveo, Berlin, Germany.

What impressed me most about Karl–besides his being a master of yoga asana–is his lifestyle, a discrete yogi in the modern world, working from anywhere, being satisfied by what fits in a suitcase, and practicing yoga even in the subway.

–yoga teacher, Hamburg, Germany

Karl is the most prepared yoga instructor I’ve ever studied with!

–marketing exec./publisher, Los Angeles

A friend recommended you. She said you share your knowledge with humour, awareness, and patience. She described you as a teacher who is able to give students so much trust and relaxation they lose their fear. I felt very clear that you must be a great teacher, then I attended and was deeply touched by your course.  It will be an honour to work with you again in the future.

–student, Düsseldorf, Germany