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Yoga retreats, classes & events in Switzerland and around the world. Come join us!
Yoga retreats, classes & events in Switzerland and around the world. Come join us!

Yoga Retreat at Felsentor / Mt. Rigi Switzerland

Join Karl Straub and special guests at this popular retreat featuring the best all-inclusive price in Switzerland! Jivamukti Yoga, Zen meditation, vegetarian/vegan meals, incredible views. You gotta see it to believe it. Your heart may skip a beat when you behold the incredible view over Lake Lucerne – even from the dining tables!  A very fair price includes yoga program, nice clean room, and full-board with delicious 3x daily vegan/vegetarian meals! 

March 31 – April 6, 2025  ➜ save the dates! Registration opens June 2024.

6 nights, 7 days
Price per person – includes room, 3 vegan meals per day, 2x daily yoga & meditation
1560 CHF Single / 1380 CHF Double  / 1200 CHF Dorm 

Bonus: our guests get 50% discount on the historic Rigi Bahn which takes you on a scenic ride from Vitznau to Felsentor station with views over Lake Lucern.

Yoga Retreat to Reset, Rebalance, and Recharge.

Join us at this popular retreat with Karl Straub featuring meditation, flowing yoga in the mornings, restorative yoga and deep relaxation in the afternoons. Lots of free time to enjoy nature and incredible views on Rigi mountain, plus 3x daily delicious vegan meals, all-inclusive at a very fair price.

All the rooms at Felsentor are lovely with clean wood floors, comfortable beds, and fine details. The entire place is so clean and polished the building itself seems to glow. In addition to the beautiful lodge and dining hall, there is a lovely outdoor cafe, stunning views, and a gorgeous Zen temple for our yoga and meditation practice. Basic familiarity with yoga and meditation is presumed. All levels welcome. Come reset, rebalance, and recharge with us. We look forward to welcoming you! 

Check in: first day after 15:00, first group activity 18:00 dinner
Check out: final day around 11:00

Daily Schedule
6:00 tea (optional)
6:30 – 7:30 meditation: sitting, walking, chanting
8:00 breakfast (silent)
9:00-10:00 Samu (meditative work, gardening/kitchen/cleaning/etc.)
10:15-11:45 vinyasa yoga class
12:30 lunch (silent)
–free time to read, journal, hike, nap, visit Rigi Kaltbad thermal baths, etc…
16:15 gentle restorative yoga, deep relaxation
18:00 dinner (silent)
19:30 meditation: sitting, walking
20.30-21.30 evening program, story time, Q&A, or free time
21:30 mauna (sacred silence)
22:00 bedtime

One hour of Samu (Karma Yoga) per day is an integral part of all retreats at Felsentor.

… scroll down for travel directions and more info…

The journey is part of the experience. Some great views along the way.
If you will be traveling by air or train, here are details to help your planning. Zürich airport has a convenient train station directly at the airport (no taxi needed). Purchase electronic train tickets online here: sbb.ch (within 30 days of travel date), or buy your ticket at the station (automated ticket machine or ticket office) before boarding the train.
Suggested journey details: For the most scenic route, I recommend you search sbb.ch for connections like this:
From: <your preferred starting point>, To: Vitznau, Via: Lucerne.  
EXAMPLE—> From: Zürich Airport; To: Vitznau; Via: Lucerne

This will produce a list of possible itineraries. Choose one with code “BAT” (code for BOAT).

When you exit the ship at Vitznau you are at the foot of the mountain, Rigi. Very close to the ship station you will find the historic Rigi Bahn. It is a funicular (special cogwheel train that travels a steep track up Rigi). Go to the ticket window and tell them you are part of our group staying at Felsentor. The ticket agent will give you 50% discount on your round-trip Rigibahn ticket (under CHF 40). You can pay with card or cash.
As you ascend the mountain on the Rigi Bahn the views are exciting, so you must listen closely to the station announcements. Do not miss your stop which is Romiti/Felsentor.  Now you follow the trail to the West (that is to your right if you stand facing downhil toward the lake). Follow the trail 10-15 minutes to the retreat.
The retreat is a 10 minute hike along an alpine trail away from all motor sounds. No cars, no trains, only the sounds of nature.
Plan to arrive at Felsentor between 3pm and 6pm. Please inform info@felsentor.ch if you plan to arrive later.
More about the Rigi-Bahn: www.RIGI.ch -or- +41 (0)41 399 87 42.
See you there!

Register today    register 

You will make 2 payments, first tuition, and then room and board. Like this: 

1) Tuition & Zendo Usage, 600 CHF per person, due within 14 days of registration.
bank transfer to:
Bank Name and Address:
PostFinance AG
Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Bern, Switzerland

IBAN (account number), CH31 0900 0000 2564 8320 5
Beneficiary name and address:
Karl Straub Yoga
Muehlebachstrasse 64
8008 Zurich, Switzerland

Or pay by Paypal to: karl@karlstraub.com
2) Room & Board: You will receive an invoice directly from Felsentor about two weeks before the retreat for room and board. The amount depends on your room type.
All rooms are clean and quiet with lovely views of forest, gardens, or lake. Rooms are assigned in advance according to the date of registration. Guests may not choose specific rooms. We kindly ask that you accept your assigned room without asking the staff for changes. 

ARRIVAL / CHECKIN TIME Check-in from 3:30pm, not earlier. First activity is dinner 6 or 6:30pm (exact time will be announced at check in). Checkout time: last day after lunch, about 1:00pm

You are welcome to leave early if needed. Just keep us informed. Please be advised we cannot offer partial refunds for unused days or meals.

All meals are provided, included in the price. Meals are chef-prepared and vegetarian, and some dishes may include egg and dairy. Special dietary needs can be considered only to a limited extent, and only by advance arrangement at least two weeks before the retreat to: info@felsentor.ch

Yoga mat, warm clothing, sturdy walking shoes or boots and a flashlight (torch). The 15 minute walk from the Romiti train station to Felsentor is unpaved, steep, and not suitable for luggage with wheels. We suggest bringing a backpack or duffel bag with shoulder strap. For meditation, comfortable clothing in muted colors. House shoes and work clothing will also come in handy.

The retreat provides you with towel and bed sheets, yoga mats, blocks, and straps. However you might like to bring your own mat. ; )

Approximately 1 hour of work per day in the house or garden is an integral part of our courses.

For the participants of all events at Felsentor, physical and mental health is presupposed. Our courses are not intended as a substitute for any necessary medical or psychiatric treatment.

No pets allowed at the retreat. We love animals, however the retreat center cannot accommodate pets.

In the event that a course must be cancelled for any reason, including illness on the part of the course leader, we will refund all fees already paid by the course participants. Other miscellaneous expenses (i.e. train or airline tickets) cannot be reimbursed.  If a participant cancels their registration more than 30 days in advance, full refund is possible. Participant cancellation 30 or fewer days in advance, refund is not possible.  

We understand that some guests may need to arrive late or leave early for various reasons. If that is the case for you, please inform the retreat leader as soon as possible so we can plan meals and activities accordingly. Please be advised that the course is offered only as a complete unit, consequently reimbursements for late arrival, missed meals, or early departures are not possible.

There are currently no special covid restrictions at Felsentor, so no masks or documents are required. In the unlikely event of a government imposed closure (for example covid lockdown), all payments are fully refundable or held on account for full credit at a future retreat.

Karl Straub (retreat activity leader): karl@karlstraub.com
Felsentor Retreat Center: info@felsentor.ch
Felsentor telephone +41 (0)41 397 17 76.
Felsentor website: www.felsentor.ch

Thank you! See you at the retreat!