Karl Straub Yoga
Yoga retreats, classes & events in Switzerland and around the world. Come join us!
Yoga retreats, classes & events in Switzerland and around the world. Come join us!


Seestrasse 106, Erlenbach, Switzerland

Karl`s schedule at Seeschau:

Zen Meditation: Tuesdays 19:30-20:45
Hatha Yoga Flow: Thursdays 9:00-10:30 and 19:00-20:30

Also private sessions by appointment.

Class Descriptions:
Hatha Yoga: well-rounded vinyasa practice with pranayama, and deep relaxation. All levels.
Zen Meditation: This class is presented free as a community gift from Seeschau, donations for a children`s educational charity are welcome at the door. Zen developed in Japan, but has it`s roots in earlier Chinese (Chan), and Indian (Dhyāna) traditions. Karl was introduced to meditation around the age of 12, and soon after was drawn to Taoist writings like the Tao Te Ching. In 1989 he met and studied with renown Zen master Keido Fukushima. Meditation practice has a long history of adaptation to suit changing cultures, and in our session we keep it simple and fresh. We start with seated meditation, or zazen, which Dogen called “silent illumination”, followed by short periods of walking, seated, stretching. Some evenings will include a short introduction, a classical text reading, or discussion.

New students are always welcome!
1st time visitor special “probe-abo”: 10 days unlimited regular classes for CHF 50.

Seeschau is a beautiful yoga and healing therapy center directly by Lake Zürich. It was founded in 2000 as part of the global education and service outreach of Beyond Foundation under the leadership of Regula Curti and Beat Curti.

Karl and other Seeschau staff offer private sessions by appointment. Contact: corinne.treffer@seeschau.ch

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Seeschau studio.